Dave Hanley is a serial entrepreneur, social advocate, and father.

Dave is the founder and principal of Banyan Branch, a leading social media agency acquired in 2013 by Deloitte, where he is now a partner.  In his role as a leader of Deloitte’s social media practice, Dave is furthering the art and science of social as expands beyond its roots as marketing and communications channels to influence all aspects of today’s organizations.  Dave’s clients include Fox, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Intel, Staples and Disney.  

Dave has actively worked in social media marketing since 2005.  While leading product development for the Rhapsody Music Service he helped bring the service natively to the web, then to a multitude of social sites via the web services program he developed and led.  Dave was inspired by the early work of social networking sites, and joined with Rhapsody coworkers to create Shelfari, a social network for readers that grew solely through social and viral marketing to 2 million members after only 18 months, and was acquired by Amazon.com. 

Dave is always creating, and is planning to bring some of his most significant ideas in the area of social media out in 2014.  These include the forthcoming Social ROI, a new method for measuring the long-term impact of social media on a company’s assets and bottom line; and the Social CFO a set of tools and methodologies that will allow the CFO to influence the analysts’ influencers, optimize financial and reporting content for social consumption and sharing, conduct competitive research, tell the company story, and measure the pull through of those messages.  Both works are in development.

In 2012, Dave was appointed a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, where he is an active participant and advisor on YGL initiatives and is a frequent attender in Davos and regional forum meetings. Dave is an advisor to peer-to-peer education lender Vittana and the #WithSyria campaign, is actively developing a single-topic news site on the Bangladeshi garments industry, and serves as the strategist for the personal social media of one of the leading global philanthropists.  Dave was a Fulbright Scholar working with Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus, and holds an MBA from Stanford University and bachelors and masters degrees in public policy from Brigham Young University.