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Whole Self Methodology™

Often one engages a coach for a specific need, such as developing skills and capacity in a current role, or preparing for a future career.  And while that motivation is sound, the coaching process I undertake moves well beyond your current work and your future career.  I use the Whole Self Methodology™ to uncover your current needs and chart a course for growth.

Confident Woman


Understanding yourself, your motivations and priorities. Exploring your personal habits, self care, and spiritual practices, with the goal of developing a positive, confident and comfortable sense of self.


Analyzing the demands and needs placed on you (or that you place on yourself) as a partner, parent or member of your family. Exploring and prioritizing the practices that you find best suit you as you nurture your relationships with loved ones.

Family Time
In a Meeting


Examining your current work responsibilities and uncovering needs and opportunities in managing, managing up, working with peers, communicating internally, growing partnerships and more. Exploring strategies on where to place priorities and tools to help you see personal improvement in managing each area.  


Exploring your goals and the trajectory of your overall career, including your past jobs, current work, and future hopes and endeavors. Charting a course to your desired destiny and making plans and paths to ensure you meet your goals.

Professional Woman
Rock Maze


For those who have or seek a spiritual or humanist practice, finding ways to incorporate those principles and practices into all aspects of your life.  Only by weaving all aspects into your life together can you truly live an integrated life.

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